Hair Transplantation

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure intended to permanently correct baldness.
Hair surgeries should be performed by certified surgeons, who specialize in hair replacement.

Hair Transplantation Team


Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

Hair transplantation procedures involving the transplant of only follicular units can now achieve natural, undetectable, and reproducible results, very different from the outcomes achieved with earlier techniques. It can be offered to both males and females suffering from androgenic alopecia who are good candidates for this technique.




The follicular units are transported from the donor to the acceptor site in a way that the integrity of them is kept. FUT is now used by most hair transplant surgeons around the world.Hair comes out of the skin in groups. Each “unit” contains terminal and vellus hair, sebaceous glands and arrector pili muscles surrounded by a band of collagen. Each unit contains between 1 to 5 hairs. The physician will determine whether the patient is a good candidate for the transplantation. Hair caliber and density in the donor area are very important factors in this regard.   



The patient will usually receive an anxiolytic to relax. Usually a session takes 4-6 hours but this time can vary for different circumstances. In FUT, strip of skin will be cut from the back of the head and this will leave a scar; however, the scar is very find. Only if patient wants to shave his head the scar will be visible and in this case it is preferred to perform follicular unit extraction technique. The recipient area will undergo incisions and the follicular grafts will be inserted. Actually every session has four stages:

  • Donor strip extraction
  •    Donor strip dissection into follicular units
  • Recipient area incisions
  • Follicular implantation

Today, two main HT procedures are performed namely follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular isolation technique (FIT). 

In FUT, hair has traditionally been harvested using a donor strip that is subsequently dissected into individual follicular units with the aid of special microscopes.

In FIT, individual follicular unit grafts can be removed directly from the back and sides of the scalp using a small, punch instrument. 

Follicular units (grafts) are inserted into slits made by needle or blades in recipient area. Graft insertion is performed in a same manner in both FUT and FIT.

Less visible scar (no linear visible scar) in the donor area is the advantage of FIT over FUT. But on the other hand the risk of damage to the hair follicles is increased in FIT.

In this clinic one or both types of procedures are performed according to the patient needs.

The transplanted hair will usually start to grow 3-4 months after the procedure and the growth will gradually improve over 8-12 months.


After one session





After one session 


After two sessions 



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